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Ear Candling/Coning

Candles/cones are believed to help with removing wax from ears and various ear disorders. Using cones is generally more comfortable and less expensive than conventional ear cleaning where water is forced into the ear canal. Cones (sometimes called candles), are considered a folk medicine. The practice of using cones or candles is actually an ancient art from many other countries such as; China, Czechoslovakia, and Italy. Some doctors are using or recommending cones. They are being used in nursing homes, alternative health care centers and are rapidly gaining popularity. 

Many people use cones once a year or less. But others with chronic ear problems seem to benefit with much more frequent treatments. However, the makers of the candles suggest not using more than 3 candles per ear, waiting at least 7 days before the next use. When using cones, the small end of the cone is put in the ear and the other end is lit. As the cone burns, the smoke travels into the ear canal warming the ear wax and creating a sort of gentle vacuum. This can dislodge the wax or foreign debris and pull it into the cone. Many people have reported this to be a rather pleasant sensation. Most often an improvement in hearing is reported after using cones. Ears should not get water in them or be exposed to very loud noises for at least 24 hours after treatment. 


Disclaimer: The preceding is to provide information about Ear Candling and the benefits that may be derived. It is not intended to claim a cure for any disease or condition.