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"Well, I was pretty nervous having my first colonic but Rusty calmed my fears right away.  She is so professional, knowledgeable, kind and caring.  I felt so much better and lighter the next day that it motivated me to eat a healthy diet and start a weight loss plan.  Also, Rusty's knowledge about natural herbs has really helped my elderly mother-in-law with constipation problems that used to send her to the ER!  Rusty and Introspective Health are the best!"  Miriam M

"Excellent customer service and scheduling an appointment was easy.  They walk you through everything to expect.  Well worth it. Best price.  I felt fantastic and energized after!  I'll definitely go back!  They really make you feel comfortable.  Great place if you are considering a colonic."  Michael P

"...The most noticed benefits I have noticed from getting years of colonics are decrease of PMS irritability & a youthful appearance with glow leaving me no choice but to share my secret of youth - which is getting colonics."  Johneet D

"well...first of all let me tell you this :-)  As a man I truly never expected to feel so comfortable going.  I cannot have enough space on this page to compliment Rusty.  It all began just watching a few documentary movies about health where I understood that as a previous meat lover I had to take care of my health.  Then the search began.  I soon got addicted to Rusty who made the whole experience easy, fun - not to talk about the awesome way you feel after.  Now I am a regular and I cannot even begin to tell you the benefits and how I improved my nutrition habits.  In this day and age it is a MUST!!! to do these procedures and maintain a healthy body.  I constantly ask about Rusty's plans just to make sure she is not leaving us and to my relief she reassures me she will be there as long as we need her.  I hope people will read this review and will benefit from Rusty's commitment to a better improved health in our community.  Thank you Rusty." Gadi A

"I live in West Hollywood but it is worth the drive to Granada Hills for the treatments at Introspective Health - Rusty changed my life. No one could be more kind and professional and make you feel so comfortable in what I initially expected to be a quite awkward experience. I've been hooked for the last 8 years and haven't ever considered trying to find somewhere closer to where I live - why bother when Rusty provides everything you need: great prices, great customer service, all the products you could need and the best recommendations for any other services that Introspective Health doesn't provide. I can't say enough good things about it!"  Rebecca T